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Hardsoul - Alain Clark

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Artists & Collaborations

Alain Clark


It's been a hell of a ride. Three years of adapting to a blossoming career. Hundreds of days of hectic touring through Italy, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Belgium and of course, his native Holland, that couldn't get enough of Alain Clark.
But why hurry, if it comes down to producing, writing and recording an even better follow-up to Live It Out, 2007's break through album, including hits like This Ain't Gonna Work, Father and Friend and Blow Me Away?
,,Gotta get away. Cause life's coming at me fast, without a single sign of slowing down'', are the opening lines of Wonderful Day, the first track of Colorblind, Alain Clarks self produced and mesmerizing new album. He sings like he's in a hurry to a backdrop of an oozing hornsection and an hectic rhythmic shuffle: ,,Something better turns this tide around.''
More proof of how a successful life can scare the shit out of you? The second track, Caught in a Loop, even opens with a heartfelt sigh: ,,Feels like I'm running in Circles, spinning round with nowhere to hold.'' He concludes, a little further down the verse: ,,Feels like I'm stuck here forever, lonely in the midst of a crowd.''
Is it because Alain's getting older? Nana, don't think so. Nor does his shrink, who suggest - in the same song - that maybe it has something to do with the growing ability of reflecting oneself.
Anyway, Colorblind is ample proof of how Clark himself wisened up. You get that when you become a Father and Friend yourself. Alain has written twelve new songs that show his progress as a songsmith, a collection of heartfelt emotions that allow him to further blossom as a torchsinger, but far more important, that prove Alain is a masterful arranger and producer.
With cheerful songs like the fresh hit Love is Everywhere, the nostalgic Good Days (' I don't live here anymore'), the wonderful duet Too Soon To End (with the lovely Diane Birch), and the new crowd favourite For Freedom Clark has developed into a masterful entertainer, able to slowly but surely turn the heat on us.
Alain Clark is still a terrific "blue eyed'' soulsinger, but apart from paying tribute to his seventies favourites Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and George Benson, you will be amazed by his ability to produce a sophisticated, multilayered, smooth but sharp sound that proves he has become a wizzard and a true star. Be sure to spot traces of Prince, Earth Wind and Fire and even The Beach Boys. I Saw You Again even shows a distinct westcoast feel before the soul sets in again.
In the wake of Colorblind Alain felt the need and the urge to sack his old band, like you do with clothes that don't fit you anymore. Bu he didn't do so overnight. He had to meet (everyone of) the old compadres and tell them face to face. Explaining how he was ready to expand musically once again.
Eventually Alain Clark worked for months in Belgium's premium Galaxy Studio's in Mol with a guestlist of great musicians and singers. For example: the fantastic choir of ladies’ voices that 'takes it away' in Love is Everywhere consists of Caro Emerald, Jacqueline Govaert (Krezip), Giovanca, Sabrina Starke and Sanne Hans (Miss Montreal). Next time Diana Ross - Alain sang a duet with her as her special guest in Arnhems Gelredome  Stadium late in 2009 - will show up.
Need we say more? Check out Alain’s new found glory.

Other artists & collaborations

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